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by Katie.M

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Design, Digital, Print

Designing a fashion blog and communication portal for influencer Katie.M, it was also important that design, layout and style were the fundamental part of providing a visually appealing aesthetic. Starting with a rebrand of the existing branding, we came with a fresh, innovative and dynamic transformation bringing the brand right back into 2017. Utilising negative space and the layering of text and colours we were able to create a brand that focused on good content while taking the user on a visual journey. The layout was the primary focus when designing the wireframes for the website design and something we decided not to use. Instead, we created the site as if we were designing for print, rather than for the web, creating a real freedom in the utilisation of space and how we used it creatively, while always focusing on user interaction and functionality. The result is an elegantly poised and abstracted composition which focused the viewer’s attention to good visuals and great content.

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