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Design, Digital

Organic. Original. Recycled. Bespoke. Quality. Style. These were the words we first wrote down on our design notes during the first meeting with KRD Timbers. We wanted to help them create a brand reflected the ethos and passion of high-quality, organic, recycled and expertly made timber products. We wanted to create a brand and a logo that could be used across a range of mediums, laser cut into products, branded on wood, something that was modern, timeless and stylised. We took the circle, an emblem of the trunk and built a brand within, that was reminiscent of the grain, creating a clear, abstracted and stylised flat icon that was reflective of KRD Timbers. We went big, we went bold. Through careful typographical kerning, professional photography and a modern responsive user interface, we were successfully able to create a site and brand warrant of selling boutique, organic and expert timber products.

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by Katie.M


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