The most important thing for a business to get right is their branding.

A professional logo is essential in order for your company to not only attract your core target market but to distinguish your brand from your competitors and immediately convey the core attributes of your business.

A logo is the first place to start with any business and takes good quality market research, competitor analysis and knowledge of your required target audiences. We create brands that last the test of time and rejuvenate brands to help deliver results. A bad logo design will always cost you more than a good one.


Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising.

Having a clear and strategical marketing plan is essential in creating brand awareness, engaging your target market, encouraging conversation and generating sales.

Working closely with businesses around the globe, we provide expertise in effective and memorable advertising to help bring you beautiful campaigns that produce results.


If you think you might need a designer, then you most definitely do.

Looking good is important. Brands who look good, attract attention, engage audiences and generate sales. We love making ideas, businesses, products, services, and people not only look good but get remembered through innovative, professional and expert design.

We design for any medium across both digital and print applications, including social media, SEO & Google AdWords and all your print requirements from flyers, business stationery and brochures to vehicle graphics, company signage & packaging.

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Leon-Anthony Smith. Creative Art Director & Digital Designer. All pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.